Elena Delle Donne 

Pro-women's basketball player. In 2013, she signed with the Chicago Sky after being selected second overall in the 2013 WNBA draft.

“I've been extremely lucky to have such a dedicated and talented basketball trainer in John Noonan since the second grade. I credit John for helping me develop into the versatile player that I am today. Not only will he put hours into developing young talent, but he will continue to challenge athletes of all levels through his variety of fun and creative drills. In 16 years of training with John he's been able to continue to identify my weaknesses as a player and grow my game to a higher level each and every year. No matter the age or ability John will grow your game in more ways than you can even imagine."

Dean Lockwood 

Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach - University of Tennessee

“John Noonan is an outstanding teacher of basketball skill who has the ability to improve a player’s performance regardless of their level. Coach Noonan can and will take a player at any starting point and make them better! John has tremendous passion for the game and for player development - he loves to see improvement and he has a specific plan to make that happen. I would encourage any player with a genuine desire to improve to attend a camp or clinic where John is working. He can make a difference in your game!"